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Few Drone Privacy Laws

CBS Philly

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Authorities in Egypt detained a migratory bird for suspicion of spying. Paranoid much? Turns out that the device under the bird’s wing was a tracking device put on by French wildlife scientists to follow movement of migratory birds. Upon learning it was the French who’d tracked the bird, the Egyptians were no longer concerned. But maybe you should be.

Not of the French. But of the lack of laws that exist to protect your privacy from drones.

Not the killing machine type, or even the type of drones in Sector 7G, but the cheap, unmanned surveillance devices that can be as tiny as insects to hover as an eye in the sky collecting information about citizens.

Congress has ordered the FAA to open skies to private drones by 2015. While six states have passed bills limiting the use of drones in law enforcement…

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Kerala Festival -ONAM


Daigen Taiko Drummers – Shinagawa

Tokyobling's Blog

I am extremely fortunate in that I am born a walker. I love walking. Can’t get enough of it. And few cities are so perfectly walkable as Tokyo. I often get off trains a couple off stations early just to get the pleasure of walking the final part of my journey, and I seldom use connecting trains, preferring to get somewhat in the right direction and then walk the last bit. Yesterday I lucked out again as I walking to a place two stations Shinagawa, and halfway there I lucked out and happened to find myself at a street performance by one of Tokyo’s most famous taiko drumming groups, the Daigen group, who has won several top awards both nationally and internationally. Even their junior members looked tougher than most grown up men in the audience! Their manager kept asking us to get closer but from where I was…

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4 Mothers 1 Blog is on Facebook!

4 Mothers

4 Mothers went to Blog Podium last weekend, and it was a blast!  There were so many informative and fun sessions, and we left feeling really inspired by the energy and creativity of the conference organizers, participants and sponsors.

(And that’s Nathalie up there winning her very own weed whacker!  So funny!)

Spending the day together reminded us how much we love what we do with this blog, and how lucky we are that our friendship has become such a rewarding creative collaboration.

One thing we realized after the conference, though, was that while there are thousands of you who read and know us, we don’t know you and you don’t know each other.  And we’d like to change that.

Which is why we are finally (finally!) on Facebook!   If you like what you’ve been reading on 4 Mothers, we’d be so grateful if you would 

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What Do You Do to Ensure New Believers Can Grow?

ChosenRebel's Blog

Monday is for Discussion

discipleshipWithout a process of ministry, a specific way of exposing new believers …

  • to what they must know to grow,
  • what they must do to multiply,
  • how they can use their gifts in serving Christ and his Church,
  • and how they can impact their neighborhood with the love of Christ

… a church, traditional or organic, large or small, suburban, urban or rural cannot be faithful to Christ and his mission to make disciples.


What is your church’s process of ministry?

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Travel to buzzing Miami and experience everything from art to alligators

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