Born to become free

i have twins boys
4 years now

Notes From the Road

I am a father of twins.  My wife is wonderful and she is my joy and delight, What an amazing mom she is. But this post is a bit about being a Dad to twins. In case you were wondering.

Anyhow, this apparently puts me in a group of about 15-20 fathers per 1000 who can understand what that means 🙂 My wife frequently has to deal with comments like “oooh, double trouble” or “Gosh you must be exhausted” from strangers trying o make conversation. Guys tend to go with the “Oh… wow” and you can see them silently thinking about their experience with a single kid and mentally doubling it. Then their eyes widen and if they can’t see a nervous tic or a wild 1000 yard stare, they are impressed!

I have 4 kids in total, and my first two were a breeze. They slept through, laughed a lot…

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