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Another Brick in the Wall

doing meditation & yoga gives calmness in mind & focus


I could feel the depression coming on Thursday. It would be so easy to use the friendship breakup with C3 to explain my mood, but I really wasn’t too torn up about that. What it felt like was plain old garden-variety PMS related depression that I still battle with. At work on Thursday I felt so sleepy and detached. Usually I feel some enthusiasm at the start of a new school year, but this year I just couldn’t get in the spirit.

I often complain about how S is boring because he has so few interests. The one thing he loves doing, outside of watching sci-fi/ action movies and fantasy sports, is home improvement projects. His project this summer: a patio area along the north side of our house.  Our neighbor’s house is higher than ours, and the land between our houses slopes down from their house to ours, making…

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