Born to become free

teenagers engage full time with games ,studies and social work ,other wise very difficult to manage


Found this and it’s really good and sound advice and most definitely worth a post and share! Many of the items on this list is common sense and even though it’s common sense, sometimes during those teenage years, with hormones raging, common sense, at least for MY teenager, just goes out the door! As a result, even though it’s stating the obvious, I have found myself sharing a lot, if not all, of this list of advice with my own teenager.

With MY teenager, #3 to him means, “let’s play let’s make a deal!” because in his mind, he believes that he can convince me to change my mind after I told him NO in every possible circumstance. I give him points for being persistent that’s for sure! But, however persistent he may be, I am more stubborn and more adamant in my stance than he can ever be and…

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