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Last month was particularly difficult on me in terms of my motherhood journey. I feel like I am entering another different phase of Aimee’s growth, in which she overwhelms me more than ever. When she’s smaller (still a baby) all she could stress me was her crying asking for milk (or other things else), growing bigger she stressed me by being a super duper kid climbing anything she could climb risking her own fall (and she did fall many times hiks). Now she stresses me with her whining, screaming, crying, and impatience! She’s learning her preferences and feelings, and when the reality or Mommy doesn’t go along with them she would throw those annoying acts (WSC = ‘Whining, Screaming, Crying’). Some days I am so proud of her achievements in her growth, skills, and characters, but some other days she stresses me a lot too 😦 Being a full time mother…

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