Born to become free

child is a precious gift given by God

In The Shadows

Newborn child, seconds after birth. The umbili...


Newborn baby found in trash pile (My Fox NY)

Just once I wish I could write about something good, something that made a difference, or something that made the world a better place. Maybe I need to start writing those kinds of blogs once and a while to keep the insanity from kicking me in the stomach as it does sometimes. This one, however, actually almost made me puke! How could a mother or father, I do not care what is going on in your life, throw their child in the trash like they were some kind of used candy wrapper? Do you know what we throw away as humans? We throw away TRASH! We do not, as civilized human beings, throw away human beings or even try to rationalize why other people would do it. We should, as a normal society, shun these types of people. But it…

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